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Crossfit vs Bodybuilding part 1 with Ed Haynes

March 17, 2023 Simon Dutton Season 2 Episode 123
The Self Made Podcast
Crossfit vs Bodybuilding part 1 with Ed Haynes
Show Notes

CrossFit VS Bodybuilding

Depending on who you are you will have likely heard one person champion one of these modalities or slam it. 

You hear horror stories of the mad workouts of CrossFit and the overly tight mass monsters of bodybuilding but have you ever stopped to think about the things you can take from each approach to help you and your clients?

In this episode of the Self Made Podcast, it is a pleasure to welcome Ed Haynes from Coastal Fitness and the Process programming for a very special episode.

Recorded live from his gyms podcast studio we discuss in this 2 part show pour journeys into the industry and what separates and what is similar in our training philosophies.

Ed is an incredible coach and business man and it shows in this episode going into depth about how he prepares athletes for the CrossFit games and the place bodybuilding has in his approaches.

This is a fantastic episode genuinely one of my favourites to record and worth downloading both part one and part two. 

If you want to know more about Ed you can find him on Instagram @ed_haynes_coach as well as the gyms page @coastalfitnesshk and his programming/online coaching company @theprocessprogramming always if you want to know more about my work you can follow me @kingsleydutton and if you enjoy the episode please share on socials tagging me and Ed. 

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