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Our hardest workouts ever!

February 22, 2023 Simon Dutton Season 2 Episode 120
The Self Made Podcast
Our hardest workouts ever!
Show Notes

Do you train hard?

I mean really hard?

I would argue out of those who said yes you are either lying to us or yourself!

Because there is criteria to this shit!

If we know where failure truly is (which is a big if)

If you can let reps slow down and be patient

And even if you are consistent with your log book and progressing each week.

There is another level to this that you often do not get to on your own. The level a coach or an evil training partner can take you too. But what is great about these balls to the wall sessions is that when you go back to train on your own you find an extra 5% you did not realise you had! It may not be the 25% extra that person pushed you to but it is an untapped potential to now dive into.

Over many years of training me and Robb have had many of those moments and we have narrowed the list down to 5 brutal sessions that we go through with you in todays episode. 

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