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Ayahuasca intensified everything with Pat Davidson

January 23, 2023 Simon Dutton Season 2 Episode 116
The Self Made Podcast
Ayahuasca intensified everything with Pat Davidson
Show Notes

In this episode of the Self Made Podcast, it is a pleasure to welcome back Dr Pat Davidson to the show for round 3 but this one we step things up big time!
 If there is something that makes the episodes of this show with Pat stand out is that they are raw, honest and unfiltered taking a look at the man behind the persona and his battles with addiction, family and confidence struggles. 

In this show we look at one of the scariest largest steps into his pursuit of personal development and answers and that is Ayahuasca.

So many shoes have talked about this amazing, powerful and understudied substance but I think we really delve into the darkest and highest moments that are truly possible. 

Pat has done multiple ceremonies all of which very different and all taught him different lessons about himself and we delve deep into each one in this episode. 

From battling the concept of mortality and death to his relationship with patience and trust we go deep on it all.
 If you want to know more about Pat you can find him on Instagram @dr.patdavidson to find tons of educational and entertaining content and act fast to jump on his mentorship which I truly think will upscale the entire industry. As always if you want to know more about my work you can follow me @kingsleydutton and if you enjoy the episode please share on socials tagging me and Pat. 

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