The Self Made Podcast

A CEO's journey. Building RNT with Akash Vaghela

January 16, 2023 Simon Dutton Season 2 Episode 115
The Self Made Podcast
A CEO's journey. Building RNT with Akash Vaghela
Show Notes

This episode of the Self Made Podcast is a very special one, we have had a lot of very successful coaches and CEO’s on this show offering some amazing wisdom but where this guest stands out is I have seen his rise first hand before his business was even an idea in his mind.

In this episode it is an absolute pleasure to catch up with old friend and huge inspiration of mine Akash Vaghela to the show. If you are not familiar with Akash you may be familiar with his online coaching business RNT which has a very strong claim to be the number one online coaching company in the world with over 3000 jaw dropping results under his belt and many more I am sure on the horizon.

Many personal trainers want to build a business and built their life by design and this man has done just that building a jugganaught in the industry that is now bigger than him that not only provides financial freedom for himself but also for coaches and staff members that work for the brand. This while never sacrificing on the quality and keeping up to date with the industry and research to constantly revolutionise his product.

In the show we dive deep into building RNT from his entrapreneurial beginnings from Tn shirt companies to the time he almost opened a desert lounge as well as the high, lows and lessons of building his business.

What this show really encapsulates is the journey of a man with an incredible work ethic and drive and how that has been bigger than any set back or roadblock in his way.

But this is not just for the business minded coaches as me and Akash also discuss the struggles clients and coaches face after a diet and the key things that help solidify a good relationship with food and long lasting results including how to consolidate, how to create game changing accountability and more.

If you want to learn more about this you can purchase his book from Amazon Transform Your Body Transform Your Life link below:

 I have always struggled with reading but I have read this book cover to cover and I can tell you it is 100% worth it.

If you want to know more about Akash you can find him on Instagram @akashvaghela as well as the main RNT page @rnt_fitness on instagram and  @RNTFitness on youtube and as always if you want to know more about my work you can follow me @kingsleydutton and if you enjoy the episode please share on socials tagging me and Akash. 

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