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Do calories matter? With Robb

January 13, 2023 Simon Dutton Season 2 Episode 114
The Self Made Podcast
Do calories matter? With Robb
Show Notes

It is the fitness podcast that broke the internet!

The show that took fitness tribalism out of hiding and back into the mainstream!

So how could me and Robb not do a deep dive.

You see Tim Spector was not entirely wrong about his claims of the gut and exercise but the issue is they were very short sighted and we think not coming from a place to truly help the public. So in this episode we break down the biggest claims in the show and give our thoughts. 

From exercise not contributing to weight loss, wether calories matter or not and where nuance is either forgotten or outright ignored in the show in a way to sell books and go viral. It gets a little rant at times and mainly from me. If you want to make nutrition less confusing and no what actually matters for you or your clients, where it is over complicated and where we over simplify this is the show for you.

But I know that many of you watched last weeks show and like me wondered about how Robb has joined a cult we also go through his new venture as well as talk Robb clear sex appeal after his nude thumbnail on youtube did better than the clothed one we tested on instagram.

If you want to know more about Robb you can find him on Instagram @robbcore. As always if you want to know more about my work you can follow me @kingsleydutton and if you enjoy the episode please share on socials tagging me and Robb and leave a 5* review on your preferred podcast provider as it really helps the show.

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