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2022 in review & a look ahead to 2023

January 06, 2023 Simon Dutton Season 2 Episode 112
The Self Made Podcast
2022 in review & a look ahead to 2023
Show Notes

What a strange year it has been!

A world cup, the death of a beloved monarch, the aftermath of Covid, the rise of Andrew Tate, Elon Buying Twitter, Will Smith and the Slap heard around the world and of course Vince McMahon stepping down from WWE (for now)

A year where the world has become more divided than ever in nearly all opinions and 2023 already seems to be starting off on the same front. 

So in this show me and Robb kick of the new year by looking back over the last 12 months and give our thoughts on the biggest moments of the year both universally and personally giving our reflection on how the year has been for each of us. 

We break down the biggest stories of this first week of the year from Andrew Tate’s arrest, Jp’s fight for his medical licence and more!

But this is not just a show where we look to the past but one where we get excited for the future so me and Robb share our top goals for 2023 from ayahuasca and endurance challenges to music breakthroughs and the future of the podcast.

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