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Actions speak louder than words with Pat Davidson

November 21, 2022 Simon Dutton Episode 107
The Self Made Podcast
Actions speak louder than words with Pat Davidson
Show Notes

In this episode of the Self Made Podcast, it is a pleasure to welcome back Dr Pat Davidson to the show. 

The last episode with Pat we released in January was one of the most unexpected conversations I have ever had. A proud, NO BS confident, smart and funny mother fucker I expected to come on and talk exercise mechanics and training science but instead we went down a road of confidence, addiction battles and getting through dark times!

It was an episode which skyrocketed into the top 2 episodes of all time on this show and round two is the perfect sequel! 

Since our first episode Pat has had a personal, physical and professional transformation! Changing his business, launching athletic weapon and the focus in this show drastically transforming his body.

In this episode we talk through his physical journey. The highs, lows and life lessons along the way. There is more dark stories from Pats past a little chat about serial killers and a funny story thrown in. 

But for you nerds like me we also delve into training much more. Discussing what is really important for growth. Why lengthened range training works well, how to properly use reps in reserve and much more.

If you want to know more about Pat you can find him on Instagram @dr.patdavidson to find tons of educational and entertaining content and act fast to jump on his mentorship which I truly think will upscale the entire industry. As always if you want to know more about my work you can follow me @kingsleydutton and if you enjoy the episode please share on socials tagging me and Pat. 

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